Inspire the world

It is now a decade since the appearance of the last edition, and owing to continual delays in the compiling of the present volume, the book has been out of print for several years. These delays ensued because the editor wished to take into account the most recent determinations and decrees of the guilds and various legislative factors connected with the industry; but he was at length forced to the conclusion that notwithstanding the excellent organisation and lofty standing of the branch under consideration, it was useless to wait for anything final and absolute in such a field. Suggestions of possible improvements and indications of blemishes are therefore earnestly invited, in order that they may be duly allowed for in the event of a new edition.—The plan followed by Zipperer has been adopted in the main; a tribute due to its previous success. Yet on the other hand, the arrangement of the book has undergone some alteration, and is, at least in the editor’s opinion, a perceptible improvement.—All scientific, industrial and technical progress has been treated as fully as possible, the economic part in particular having been diligently recast.